Selective Share

Selective Share provides Encryption-as-a-Service (EaaS). Desktop and browser based applications use it to synchronise data between devices while maintaining data privacy.

Selective Share takes care of the intricacies of distributing data using client-side encryption. It handles encryption, key management, data synchronisation and networking so you are free to focus on your app.

Applications work only with local data. Desktop apps with disk files and browser apps with variables.

The service encrypts the application data on the client-side using GPG before transmitting anything to the servers. Encryption is done using a user provided key which is never transmitted on the network. The data stored on the servers can not be decrypted by anyone, including the service operator, unless the user supplies the key.


sltv is the client application of the Selective Share service. It is the interface between the service and third party applications. sltv is responsible for data encryption, key handling, network communication, data synchronisation and providing APIs.

The two APIs which it provides are a command line interface and an HTTP interface on localhost only.

Quick start

  1. Create an account
  2. On first PC:
    1. Install sltv using the installer.
    2. Create a key using the example script.
  3. On other PCs:
    1. Install sltv using the installer.
    2. Copy the ~/.selectiveshare/keys/ folder from the first PC to the current one.
  4. Update the credentials in the example scripts (~/usr/share/doc/selectiveshare/examples) with your own.
  5. Execute the examples
    1. register
    2. activate
    3. synchronise
  6. Ensure synchronisation was completed without any error. Output logs are located in ~/.selectiveshare/log and ~/.selectiveshare/stores/APPNAME/log.

Supported platforms

Selective Share is developed on Ubuntu 64-bit.

Binaries are built for Ubuntu 64-bit and Ubuntu 32-bit. They should run on other Linux distributions but it has not been tested yet.

Binaries are also built for Windows XP 32-bit. They should run on every Windows version from XP onwards.

Support for Mac OS X and all major mobile platforms will be included eventually.