Improve your security. Get the app credentials out of git.

Hosted credential management.

Backend applications need credentials. How do you manage them?

You feel agitated. Managing application credentials separate from the source code is common sense but all the management options you know of are unfavorable in some way. Homegrown deployment strategies with half-baked security and no audit trails, a self-hosted secrets service with the accompanying maintenance nightmare or a hosted service that locks you into a single cloud provider. It seems simpler to just leave the secrets in version control. When was the last time a git repo got compromised anyway?

You know managing secrets separately drastically reduces your security risk… you just can’t find a secure solution that doesn’t overload you or limits your movement.

Let the developers do it. There should be no risk.

But what if such a solution existed? What if the development teams could manage their own app credentials without risk of accidental exposure? And what if it required no maintenance or limited your choice of cloud provider? You would have a smaller workload and no worries about application credentials.

Managing app secrets separately can increase workload and introduce risk of compromize…but it doesn’t have to.

Hosted credential management with client-side encryption.

Let your team manage their application credentials with Selective Share.

Client side encryption guarantees that only authorized people can see the secrets.

Sharing secrets between team members easily and securely discourages insecure sharing practices like email.

Role based access control ensures developers can only access secrets in their team and applications only in their assigned evironment.

Comprehensive logging makes auditing easy. Identify the source of erroneous or malicious changes quickly.

Versioned secrets makes zero-downtime key rotation possible and provides a safety net when the inevitable mistake happens.

Unlimited app environments makes Selective Share adapt to your workflow. Not the other way round.

Manage your application credentials easily and securely.

Hosted credential management allows you to separate your secrets from the source code free of worries about secrets server uptimes and storage security.

Protect app secrets across all environments and projects with a single service. Sign up with Selective Share and feel your agitation melt away.

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