Host-proof applications require explicit consent.

All data is encrypted using strong encryption. The application can not access any data without the user's consent.

The owner grants decryption rights.

The data owner has the sole capability to grant decryption rights to others. Anybody trying to decrypt the data without the owner's consent would need to steal the key first.

Create scripts

Use the Selective Share agent in shell scripts.

Store your encrypted backups or synchronize the family photos.

More about sltv.

Build apps

Selective Share provides an API for the command line and for HTTP. It can be used to create host-proof applications for the desktop and the browser. A mobile version is in the works.

More about sltv.

Share selectively

The advantages of the Internet can be harnessed without giving up all privacy.

Selective Share provides encryption-as-a-service (EaaS) which performs data-synchronization and storage for host-proof applications.

These applications provide their services without any access to data outside of the user's own device.

Selective Share makes it easy for developers to create host-proof applications and easy for consumers to keep their data private.