Secret management for the paranoid.

On-prem certainty, hosted convenience, zero learning curve.

Do you hunt for missing API keys when you’d rather work on the application.

Secret management - like operations - is delicate. There are many options available, but they’re for organisations with time to spend. Ones with dedicated security teams and so many users they care more about “compliance” than protecting individuals’ data.

When you’re working under pressure time is the one thing you don’t have. You know good intentions don’t prevent data breaches. Fail safe processes do. And when a mistake happens you need a panic button that does the right thing, not a power tool with Git-level complexity.

What if there was a secret management tool for time-constrained teams like us? An undemanding tool that could make secret security effortless with:

  • No need to trust the tool provider.
  • Let teams manage their own secrets.
  • Restore secrets to any historical value.
  • Quick audit reporting.

That is Selective Share. It is the secret management tool built for you, not PayPal.

Client side encryption with GnuPG guarantees that no one, including us, can read you secrets. Private keys never leave you computer so guessing your password is pointless.

Easy secret distribution discourages insecure sharing practices like email and chat.

Role based access control ensures users can only see their authorised secrets.

Comprehensive logging and easy auditing. Identify the source of erroneous or malicious changes fast.

Versioned secrets makes zero-downtime key rotation possible and provides a safety net when the inevitable mistake happens.

Unlimited application environments to support your workflow. You should not adapt to fit in with your tool’s prescriptions.

No vendor lock-in and no hoops to jump through. Secrets are exported in standard formats should you need to migrate somewhere else.

Experience the tranquility of knowing your application secrets are safe. And should there be a slip in security, you have the tools to recover unscathed.

It is quick to configure your secrets in Selective Share. Use it for free until launch.

Manage all credentials in one place.

Selective Share is free until launch.

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